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Bachelor of Business Studies Teacher Education

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Bachelor of Business Studies Teacher Education

Programme Duration

4 years

Programme Entry requirements

5 '0' Level minimum of merit in English, Mathematics, Commerce or Accounts and any other two subjects or equivalent of a Diploma in Commercial Teachers' Diploma

Programme Mode of Study

Full time, Part time

Programme Course Structure

First Year

1. AS110 Academic Study Skills
2. BMS140 Business Mathematics and Statistics
3. BS110 Financial Accounting
4. BS120 Commerce
5. ED610 Psychology and Sociology of Education
6. ED620 History and Philosophy of Education
7. ICT150 Information Communications Technology

Second Year

1. BS230 Business Studies
2. BS240 Economics
3. BS250 Business Law
4. ED630 Curriculum Studies
5. ED640 Instructional Pedagogy
6. ED650 Educational Media and Technology
7. ICT250 ICT and Computer Programming

Third Year

1. BS310 Financial Reporting
2. BS312 Cost Accounting
3. BS340 Managerial Economics
4. BS350 Company Law
5. ED660 Educational Management
6. ED670 School Teaching Experience
7. MSC310 Material Science

Fourth Year

1. BS400 Thesis
2. BS414 Financial Managemnt
3. BS442 Money and Banking(Elective)
4. BS460 Strategic Management
5. BS462 Organisation Behaviour (Elective)
6. BS470 Principles of Marketing (Elective)
7. EN420 Entreprenuership
8. MIS456 Management Information System (Elective)
9. RM710 Research Methods
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