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Bachelor of Science in Design & Technology Teacher Education

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Degree in Design and Technology

Programme Duration

4 years

Programme Entry requirements

5 'O'Levels Minimum of Credits in English, Mathematics and Science inclusive .Teaching subjects such as metal Work ,Wood Work and Geometrical and Mechanical drawing are also most preferably

Programme Mode of Study

Full time

Programme Course Structure

First Year

1. AS110 Academic Study Skills
2. CH110 Applied Chemistry
3. ED610 Psychology and Sociology of Education
4. GC110 Graphic Communication I-Drawing
5. MA110 Mathematics
6. MP110 Materials and Processes-MetalWork and WoodWork
7. PH110 Applied Physics

Second Year

1. DD210 Design and Developement I
2. ED620 History and Philosophy of Education
3. ED630 Curriculum Studies
4. ED640 Instructional Pedagogy
5. ED650 Education Media and Technology
6. EE211 Electrical and Electronics I
7. GC220 Graphic Communication II-Drawing and AutoCAD
8. MA220 Mathematics
9. MP220 Materials and Processes-MetalWork and WoodWork

Third Year

1. DD310 Design and Development II
2. ED670 School Teaching Experience
3. EE321 Electrical and Electronics II
4. GC330 Graphic Communication III
5. MA330 Mathematics
6. MP310 Materials and Processes-Plastics and Ceramics
7. MSC310 Material Science
8. TD310 Technology for Design-Structures and Mechanism

Fourth Year

1. DT400 Final Year Project
2. DT420 Technology for Design-Hydraulics and Penumatics
3. ED660 Educational Management
4. EN410 Entrepreneurship
5. RM710 Research Methods
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