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English, Civic Education and Counselling Secondary Teachers Diploma-Distance

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Diploma English, Civic Education and Counselling

Programme Duration

3 year

Programme Entry requirements

5 'O' Levels minimum of Credits or better in English Language plus any other four (4) subjects. Those with qualifications in education or serving teacher will be exempted.

Programme Mode of Study


Programme Course Structure

First Year

1. CE110 Introduction to Civic Education and Governance
2. CN110 Counselling
3. ENG110 Introduction to Language and Linguisics, Phonetics and Phonology
4. ENG120 Introduction to Writing and Prose Fiction, Communication and Study Skills
5. ENG130 Introduction to Syntax and Word Morphology
6. GP110 Guidance & Placement 1
7. ICT112 Information Communication Technology
8. SE110 Special Education

Second Year

1. CE220 Conflict studies, Zambia Cultures & Development with Civic Education Methods
2. ED620 History and Philosophy of Education
3. EN210 Entrepreneurship
4. ENG220 Semantics and Pragmatics
5. ENG230 English Literature From Elizabethan 19th to 20th Century
6. ENG232 English Literature From Elizabethan Period to 18th Century
7. ENG640 English Language Teaching Methods I
8. GP220 Guidance & Placement II
9. PR200 Practicum

Third Year

1. CE330 International Organisations, Globalisation and Development
2. ED610 Psychology and Sociology of Education
3. ED630 Currriculum Studies
4. ED640 Instructional Pedagogy
5. ED650 Educational Media & Technology
6. ED670 School Teaching Experience
7. ENG310 African Literature up to 1960
8. ENG320 Poetry and Drama
9. ENG322 Anglophone African Literature 1960 To Present
10. ENG642 English Language Teaching Methods II
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